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Our mission is to become the leading provider of audiological services, to teach patients and family members how to prevent hearing loss, to test patients with dizziness and assist in finding out the possible cause of their problems, and to provide patients with hearing loss an improved quality of life through amplification options, rehabilitation, counseling and coordination of care with referring physicians.

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Wellness Program

At Desert Sounds Audiology, we believe everyone over the age of 55 should have their hearing and balance screened every year. Our NEW Desert Sounds Wellness Program promotes and encourages wellness practices with a holistic approach to overall good health. Along with offering free screening appointments, from time to time we will host a variety of wellness related events as a way of giving back to our community.

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Meet our Staff

It is extremely important to us that our patients know whom they are doing business with. Take the time to find out what we are all about, we're confident you will like what you see!

Meet our Staff


Taking the first step regarding your healthcare is important! We offer a variety of appointments to meet your hearing and balance needs. Our highly trained and friendly staff are eager to assist you and can answer any questions you may have.

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