Our Patient Vision Statement
"Helping you stay connected to life."

Mission Statement
Our mission is to become the leading provider of audiological services, to teach patients and family members how to prevent hearing loss, to test patients with dizziness and assist in finding out the possible cause of their problems, and to provide patients with hearing loss an improved quality of life through amplification options, rehabilitation, counseling and coordination of care with referring physicians.

The Caring Connection
Hearing connects you to your loved ones and your social world. It allows you to join in the fun of an evening with friends in a restaurant, share an intimate conversation or be at the center of the excitement of a movie or game. No wonder that people with hearing loss often feel isolated and left out. Let us help bring the joy of connection back into your life.
Dr. Gabrielle Sadowsky, CCC-A, dedicates Desert Sounds to helping people with hearing loss regain their quality of life through unsurpassed professional services delivered with empathy and understanding. It's the level of care you would expect from a seasoned Audiologist who shares a crucial connection with her clients - she, too has a hearing loss.
Help is Here
Hearing loss affects an estimated 33 million people and is ranked as one of the 3 most chronic conditions next to hypertension and arthritis, yet less than 16% of physicians' surveyed screen their patients. Many patients report not doing anything because they were confused about all the ads and didn't know who to trust. As many as 35% of adults age 40 years or older in the US have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction and 50 million suffer from tinnitus. Desert Sounds focuses on all the audiological needs of the patient.
Desert Sounds is a full-service Audiological Center, providing thorough hearing evaluations and testing, hearing rehabilitation, a wide assortment of hearing aids and other assistive listening devices to fit your needs, plus hearing education and counseling. We recently added Occupational Therapy to provide care for those who need Vestibular Retraining Therapy or Vision Training.
We have been improving the lives of the young, and the young at heart, through better hearing since 1990.

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